Fitness and Fat Loss Physiotherapy

The global weight loss industry is worth close to 200 billion. But only 10 out of 100 people are able to actually achieve the ideal weight loss. This discrepancy is huge.

Two major reasons for this failure are-

  • Lots of misinformation leading to lack of knowledge about exercise
  • work out injuries which halt and hinder the progression.

Therefore, as professionals, we felt compelled to develop a program with a team of experts including physiotherapists, nutritionist and occupational therapist, yoga and Pilates trainer who all guides you and get through the program and achieve maximum fat loss within the safe physiological limitations.

Our program is designed and customised according to your basal ability to ensure it is injury free. We teach not only the best exercises techniques but also the physiology behind it.

This fitness and weight loss Singapore named VFex was designed by two physiotherapists Faizal and Antony and is running successfully since 2017.

River Physio is your ideal destination for fitness & fat loss solutions, as you can avail yourself of the services of a competent team of professionals with multi-disciplinary skills, having worked in some of the renowned international hospitals.

Program name – VFex- Designed and running since 2017

Exercise sessions- multidisciplinary team including physio, Pilates trainer and yoga trainer.

Nutrition By- Hui Xin

Smart hacks, life style modification and long term maintenance- occupational therapist

By the program’s end, apart from physical health, strength gain, and fat loss, with VFex, you will also notice that you have renewed energy to perform your daily tasks seamlessly than ever before. You will notice yourself to be happier, physically strong, more elegant and efficient.

believe Do is better than discuss.

Let’s begin to gain health and lose weight in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1- preliminary assessment by physiotherapists and nutritionist
  • Step 2- get your program designed for you by the team
  • Step3- Enjoy your workouts and achieve maximal weight under the expert guidance.


  • Single individual session- 107$
  • Group sessions- 3 person max in a group
  • 10 session package- 700$
  • 20 session package- 1300$
  • 60 session package- 3200$- 53$ per session
At River Physio,

You are not just a patient. You are family.