Stroke Management Physiotherapy

The secret of your success is found in your daily routine!!

Recovering from a stroke can be a long and frustrating experience. It is normal to face difficulties along the way. You should be processing your boundless energy to accomplish little victories in your daily lives by taking time and remaining composed. Your brain responds to consistent stimulation. If you want to recover from a stroke as quickly as possible, do your rehab daily. Yearn in your heart to be out in the community soon. Stroke is not a housebound disease!

What to expect at River Physio?

We classify stroke patients into two categories: those who can walk for ten metres and climb stairs, and those who cannot. A clinic treatment is given to the former and a home treatment to the latter. Our physiotherapists at River Physio provide immediate assessment of stroke patients and plan treatment accordingly. In all cases your rehabilitation will be tailored to your specific needs depending on the level of disability.

Post Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation is to help you relearn skills you’ve lost after a stroke. It can help you regain independence and improve your quality of life. The sooner you begin rehabilitation the more likely you are to regain lost abilities and skills. Not only will rehab improve function but increase confidence and help you remain active and involved in life.

The main aim of our physiotherapists is to help you become independent as early as possible in your activities of daily life, leisure activities, working and socializing to the best level possible.
We are very familiar with stroke management, supportive services and home services in Singapore. “Our team of experienced physiotherapists ensure that you
receive the most comprehensive and integrated treatment. With many years of successful experience treating neurological problems in some of Singapore’s best hospitals, our team is at the top of its game.

Perseverance and preparedness to work towards improvement will help gain the most benefit!

Why choose us?

  • At River Physio, our physiotherapy clinic in Singapore,  we treat you as a whole and individualise your treatment rather than focusing on a specific condition or a body part and that’s what makes us be among the best stroke management clinics in Singapore.
  • Our Neuro Physios hold a master’s degree in neurological conditions.
  • Over 20 years of field experience
  • Able to make a proper diagnosis, we hence always manage a quicker and faster recovery rate
  • Affordable price
At River Physio,

You are not just a patient. You are family.