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Cancellation Policy

Weekend Booking & Cancellation Policy

We value your time and understand that changes in your schedule can occur which is why our policy on cancellations and late changes has always been to forgive. However, late rescheduling, cancellations and missed appointments can have a significant impact on our schedule and this denies other patients the opportunity to be treated.

There has been a high demand for our weekend sessions and they are always full, so many people do not have the chance to get a session. In order to accommodate the needs, we have extended opening hours as well as skipped our lunch hours.

Because we want to make it fair to everyone, we have decided not to allow cancellations especially on weekends and will be requiring full payment for weekend appointments before your slot is considered booked. Section 3 and 6 applies to ALL appointments and the rest of the policy applies only to Saturday/Sunday bookings, due to our limited slots and its popularity.

1.  Rescheduling & Cancellation

> If you need to reschedule your appointment, we respectfully request at least a 24-hour notice, prior to the start of your appointment to allow us adequate time for reallocation of slots. You may do so by contacting us at +65 8778 2424 through WhatsApp or call.

> For appointment rescheduling less than 24 hours before the confirmed appointment date and time, 50% of the prepayment will be forfeited. If you have a session package with us, the session will be deemed as utilized. You may reschedule your appointment up to a maximum of 1 time.

> The remaining 50% can be offset from the final bill when you reschedule another session with us within 2 months of the missed appointment.

    • If you do not require our services anymore, a friend or family member can also utilize the remaining 50% within the 2 months. Kindly inform us beforehand if you wish to pass on your remaining prepayment to someone.
  • > Generally, cancellations are not allowed once payment has been made. Any requests for cancellations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and shall be at the sole discretion of River Physio and will only be allowed in limited circumstances.

2.  No Shows

Strictly no refunds/carrying forward of your prepayment will be entertained if you:

 > Are not physically present at the address as provided in your booking

 > Uncontactable at the time of the confirmed appointment time and date

 > Have changed your mind after making your purchase

3.  Late Turn Ups

> If you are late for your appointment, there will be strictly no extensions. This is to ensure the clients after you are not affected and that we stay on schedule.

> We will treat you with the remaining time we have left of your appointment at the same price.

4.  Exceptions

Exceptions may be made in the case of emergencies or extenuating circumstances, and you may be entitled to a full or partial carry forward of your prepayment, at River Physio’s discretion, for late rescheduling due to the following:

a. Medical reasons such as illness or injury that prevents you from attending the appointment or a medical emergency;

b. Compassionate reasons such as death or hospitalization of immediate family members; or

c. If River Physio initiates the cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment.

You are required to produce the relevant documentation to support your request e.g. valid Medical Certificate.

5.  Payment

Your appointment will only be secured only after payment has been made. Bookings are given on a first-come-first-serve basis and there will be strictly no reservations of slots. Payment can be made by PayNow or Credit Card through a QR code or a link that will be sent to the email address provided to us.

For PayNow transactions, kindly include your name and the invoice number before submitting the transfer and send us a screenshot at +65 8778 2424 when payment has been made. If you are unsure of the invoice number, please do not hesitate to check with our staff.

6.  Contacting Us

If you have any query or feedback regarding this Notice, or any complaint you have relating to how we manage your bookings, you may contact us at: info@riverphysio.sg

Any query or complaint should include, at least, the following details:

> Your full name and contact information

> Brief description of your query or complaint

We treat such queries and feedback seriously and will deal with them confidentially within reasonable time.