Who Treats You

A lot has changed in healthcare in the 20 years since we began practising in healthcare. The field of physiotherapy services evolved from treating polio, leprosy, and stroke to treating patients in the ICU, neonates, and cardiac patients.

And, now in Singapore, we see more and more patients with sports and life-style related injuries. We take pride in being able to continuously upgrade our practice to meet the changing demands of healthcare and the Physio profession.

There are 3 things, we learnt out of our experience

1. A proper diagnosis

A proper diagnosis is always the key. It’s like a Google map, once we know where to head to the journey of rehab and recovery is in the proper direction. Else it’s a vicious cycle of pain and misguided treatment.

2. The patients understanding of their diagnosis

Secondly, the patient’s recovery begins with proper education and understanding of their problem. Understanding there’s no magic pill and feeling better the next day, but it’s about treating the underlying cause and the pathology behind the cause.

3. The Physio’s care for recovery

Finally, the Physio should care to understand that the patient is going not only through physical stress but also the emotional stress of an injury.

Factoring this into therapy is key for success

Our Practitioners


Pang Kim Fong

Senior Principal Physiotherapist
Wong Hui Xin

Hui Xin

Vinodh Antony

Vinodh Antony

Principal Physiotherapist
At River Physio,

You are not just a patient. You are family.