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Elbow Conditions

Elbow Conditions

Diagnosing the source of your elbow pain can be complicated even for most experienced practitioners. However, the injury responds favorably to physiotherapy intervention when an accurate diagnosis and early intervention is sought. Local elbow pain is commonly caused by a local muscle, tendon or joint injury. Alternatively, elbow pain can be referred from your neck joints.

Tennis Elbow is an injury to the lateral epicondyle where the muscles that extend the wrist and fingers are damaged due to degenerative changes in the muscle tissues, at the point; it anchors to the arm bone.

Typically you will experience pain and tenderness directly over the bony epicondyle when performing gripping tasks and while wrist/finger extension when loaded. Elbow movements usually are pain-free though being the source of pain.

Golfer’s elbow is an injury to the muscles that flex your wrist and fingers. The site of injury is typically the medial epicondyle. You will experience pain when performing gripping tasks and while flexing the wrist and fingers. There will be tenderness directly over the bony epicondyle. Usually, the diagnosis arrived after some clinical examination tests performed by your physiotherapist or physician.

At River physio, we manage your problem with shock wave therapy and exercises to balance the flexor and extensor components. With experience, we have noted that strengthening shoulder has decreased pain in the elbow. Though there are not enough studies to substantiate our claims, this has been our clinical practice and we have been treating patients with success by strengthening the shoulder muscles.

Physiotherapy has been shown to be effective in the short and long-term management of Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow.

Olecranon bursitis is inflammation of the bursa which lies over the point of your elbow known as you olecranon process. Some of the common symptoms are pain and swelling occurring over the rear your elbow, Pain when leaning on your elbow and while straightening or fully bending your elbow.

The olecranon bursa is inflamed by your triceps tendon pressing tightly over the bursa resulting in friction against the ulnar bone or repetitive trauma caused by pulling of triceps while doing sports. After diagnosing through clinical examination by your physiotherapist or doctor, the condition is usually managed conservatively by physiotherapy.

Diagnostic ultrasound may be performed by your doctor to understand the extent of the injury. Surgery is not a common path. However, in persistent cases, removal of the bursa – known as a bursectomy – can be performed.

There could be numerous causes that you lead to Tennis elbow. River Physio Clinic in Singapore provides best in class physiotherapy treatment for Tennis elbow and other elbow injuries. Drop by at our clinic today.

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