Vinodh Antony


Vinodh Antony

Principal Physiotherapist

Meet Antony: A Maestro of Movement

Years of dedicated experience as an AHPC physiotherapist, Antony brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his practice. Hailing from the vibrant town of Madurai in southern India, he embarked on his journey in physiotherapy, earning his Bachelor of Science degree from the esteemed Dr MGR Medical University. His thirst for knowledge led him to pursue a Master's degree specializing in cardio-respiratory disorders, further enriching his understanding of human physiology.

Antony's professional voyage has taken him across India, where he honed his skills in diverse clinical and academic environments before charting his course to Singapore. His tenure as a lecturer and examiner at NTR Medical University underscored his commitment to advancing the field of physiotherapy, while his role as a panel member solidified his standing as a trusted authority in the industry.

Throughout his career, Antony has served patients across a spectrum of healthcare settings, from prestigious institutions like Singapore General Hospital to renowned private facilities such as Gleeagles Hospital. His expertise spans the gamut of patient care, from pediatric rehabilitation to intensive care unit support, and from in-patient recovery to outpatient musculoskeletal therapy. His areas of specialization include Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Cardiorespiratory Disorders, and Sports Rehabilitation, reflecting his unwavering passion for unlocking the intricacies of human movement and function.

What sets Antony apart is his genuine dedication to his patients' well-being. Known for his unwavering commitment, honesty, and straightforward approach, he takes pride in diagnosing and addressing even the most subtle and elusive health concerns. Beyond his professional endeavors, Antony finds fulfillment in giving back to the community through his volunteer work, particularly in developing academic curricula for the Red Cross Society.

Off-duty, Antony finds solace and joy in his love for football, particularly as an ardent supporter of the Chelsea Football Club. Embracing the spirit of the game, he takes to the field himself on weekends, channeling the same passion and determination he brings to his practice. When not chasing a football, Antony enjoys staying active through activities like badminton, strength training, agility exercises, and swimming, enriching both his physical and mental well-being.

Driven by a deep-seated commitment to his craft and a genuine love for helping others, Antony embodies the perfect blend of humility and confidence, making him a trusted ally in the pursuit of optimal health and vitality.

Certification, Diplomoas and Memberships

1. Fully registered Physiotherapist with AHPC, MOH, Singapore

2. Life member, Indian Association of Physiotherapy

3. Member of SMAS (Sports Medicine Association of Singapore)

4. He is a key Pioneering faculty in the International Institute of Digital Teachings

5. Certified in Spinal mobility (Singapore)and passed with honours for maitland and mulligans approach as an elective paper during his Masters program.

6. Certified in Oncology Rehabilitation, ACL rehabilitation, Vestibular Rehabilitaion, Complex pain disorders management

7. Clinical supervisors workshop NYP School of health sciences, Singapore, 2003

8. Advance diploma in physiotherapy, PGAHI, Singapore, 2010